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NEWS RELEASE: Education Cuts Reversed

NEWS RELEASE California Legislators Reverse Education Cuts, San Diego Unified Prepares for Reopening in the Fall
Posted on 06/16/2020

SAN DIEGO -- California legislators passed a budget that reverses $15 billion in proposed cuts to education. San Diego Unified, the state’s second-largest district, said the move clears the way for a reopening of its physical facilities in the fall. However, district leaders said additional action by the federal government will be required in order for schools to operate for the full school year.

“We appreciate the bold action taken by the Legislature to reverse all spending cuts contained in the May Budget Revision,” said San Diego Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten. “We urge Governor Newsom to sign this budget and approve a final compromise that gives schools the funds we will need to open in a safe, responsible manner this fall.”

San Diego Unified joined five large districts across the state to oppose the proposed education cuts in May, warning schools would need more funding -- not less -- to reopen safely this fall in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. The district had urged the Legislature to reverse the cuts and offer additional funding to address both student learning loss and the cost of reopening safely. The budget passed by the Legislature includes all of those changes. While discussions are still ongoing for a final compromise, the Legislature’s passage of a State Budget is encouraging and puts our values into practice by approving a budget that prioritizes our students.  

“With the action taken today, California has used every funding mechanism at our disposal,” said Board President John Lee Evans. “Now, it is time for the federal government to do its fair share. The Covid-19 pandemic is a national emergency that warrants a national response. The federal government simply cannot leave an entire generation of school students to fend for themselves in the face of this growing tragedy.”

San Diego Unified has joined with Los Angeles Unified and other districts in calling on the federal government to provide additional relief to offset the pressure created by the economic downtown. A copy of their joint letter is here.

Anyone wishing to watch the Board workshop on reopening for the fall in San Diego should tune in here.

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