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Physical Plant Operations (PPO)


Physical Plant Operations (PPO)

The safety and trust of our students, staff, families and community is the top priority for Physical Plant Operations (PPO). PPO manages the cleanliness and maintenance of the District's inventory of buildings and grounds, which comprise 15.1 million square feet of structures situated on 2,600 acres of developed property. PPO recognizes the responsibility of being empowered with providing these vital services. Through teamwork and professionalism, we also extend the service life of facility systems and components while minimizing the cost of ownership. Our goal is to approach every task with professionalism, teamwork and integrity to ensure a safe, supportive learning environment for students and staff.

Departments include:

Maintenance Planning

The PPO Maintenance Planning Department is entrusted with long and short range planning of our facilities and grounds maintenance projects, coordinating with the Facilities, Planning and Construction (FPC) bond programs, and is responsible for assessing all facilities. Additionally, Maintenance Planning provides approval for projects involving community volunteers or donations, who must follow our “self-help” program.

Maintenance Services

The PPO Maintenance Services Department is dedicated to providing a safe, well-maintained educational environment for all students, staff and community members. Our team of well-trained technicians achieve this by conducting planned maintenance, corrective maintenance and improvement projects to ensure we are preserving and maintaining district facilities.

Energy/Utilities Management

The Energy/Utilities Management program is responsible for tracking and forecasting utility usage, recycling and waste disposal rates at over 200 schools and administrative sites. Our professional team is committed to resource conservation efforts to reduce energy and water consumption, increase recycling levels, develop solar energy partnerships and support green initiatives. Additionally, our staff work closely with school sites to empower student learning about the importance of resource conservation.

Environmental Health/Safety Office

Through a focused teamwork approach, our Environmental Health/Safety Office ensures safe learning and working environments. We monitor air quality, safely managing hazardous materials and follow established standards prescribed by applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. The staff also conducts continuous education and training on safe work practices for employees, and serves as the environmental health and safety contact for school staff, parents and the community.

Custodial Services

Our Custodial Services team is committed to providing a safe, sanitary and secure environment for the students, staff and school communities of the San Diego Unified School District. Custodial Services is responsible for maintaining school site custodial staffing allocations, using a formula based on various characteristics of each facility per our Administrative Procedure 7410, all training of site custodial staff, and site cleanliness inspections.

Landscape Services

Our team of landscape employees takes pride in teamwork and professionalism to keep the grounds of our buildings groomed, safe and inviting. Landscape Services is responsible for maintaining lawns, planter beds and trees at all district owned facilities. All projects involving community volunteers or donations must follow our “self-help” program in order to be approved. This includes performing a campus beautification project, installing a vegetable garden or other landscape-related modifications.


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