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Police Services

The San Diego Unified Police Department is a fully accredited logopolice agency employing full-time sworn police officers with a full complement of support staff. While our primary role is to maintain order and security on and near school facilities, school police officers provide far more than standard law enforcement efforts. We also take a leading edge, proactive role in creating the positive learning environment in which superb education is not only possible, but also probable.


Today, the San Diego Unified School District Police Department is recognized as a leader in school-based community policing. A big part of that success is due to the vast resources available to the department, including the latest in technological tools such as state-of-the-art computer equipment, high-speed access to law enforcement databases and automated analysis and reporting systems.


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In addition to physical resources, school police personnel are encouraged to spend more quality time in developing positive interpersonal relationships with those in our schools and in our community. Personnel engage in daily contact with students, teachers, staff, and members of the community to help promote a positive learning environment with the schools, and to build ever-growing cooperative partnerships among the schools and the surrounding communities. As a result, the students benefit most of all by being better able to concentrate their time and attention on what matters most: learning and growing.



By phone at (619) 291-7678 or email us at [email protected]

As a safety precaution due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all administrative in-person services are provided by appointment only. Please call (619) 291-7678 and select the option that corresponds to your service request in order to schedule an appointment.


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