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Dropout Prevention and Attendance Initiatives

Each year, 1,500 San Diego Unified students drop out. That's unacceptable.

Making sure all students graduate prepared for college and career is our most urgent priority. Learn about why kids drop out and how their futures, and ours, suffer. Find out what San Diego Unified is doing to remove barriers, provide support and make sure school is relevant. Read more

Dropout prevention - Myth: We can't predict who will drop out. Fact: Signs are there from the earliest school years, in poor attendance and grades.

Attendance matters - Myth: Attendance in the early grades isn't important. Fact: Students who are chronically absent in grades K, 1, 2, 3, and 4 fall behind. Many never catch up. They start to give up.

Project Recovery - Myth: You can do fine without a diploma. Fact: Students who leave school drift toward joblessness, poverty and despair. We need to draw them back with school options that ignite their interest and rekindle their hopes.