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Earth Day

#BetterSD: Students Go "All In" for Our Planet on Earth Day
Posted on 04/25/2022

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On Earth Day and the preceding days this past week, students across the district celebrated the natural wonders of our planet through a variety of environmental lessons and activities, while pushing for a more sustainable San Diego through climate-conscious activism.

For students at San Diego High School, this meant taking action to make an immediate impact — distributing thousands of native California flower seeds, for planting at school and in the community — while also working towards long-term sustainability goals by promoting mass transit.

The school's Climate Action & Civic Leadership Club set a goal to plant 11,000 California poppy seeds, one for each ride taken on the San Diego MTS Silver Line Trolley in 2020, and to onboard at least 500 new students to public transit.

Students also encouraged peers to take advantage of the SANDAG Youth Opportunity Pass, a pilot program that provides free public transportation to students 18 and under and helps reduce vehicle traffic and pollution.