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Policies & Procedures-Title IX

Abbreviation Key:

Administrative Regulation ("AR")

Board Policy ("BP")

Administrative Procedure ("AP")

Exhibit ("E")



Sexual Harassment Policies-Students

A copy of the FULL policies and procedures are required to be posted in prominent locations throughout the school and district offices.  Prominent locations include, but are not limited to the front office, counseling offices, student and parent meeting rooms, etc.

 Sexual Harassment Polices-Personnel

Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

Notice of Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

Sexual Harassment Complaint Forms

A complainant may file a formal Sexual Harassment Complaint by filling out the hard copy version or the electronic version of the complaint form (below). These forms are available to file a complaint, but they are not required.


Electronic Version - Complete, save, and email; or you may print and scan it and email it to [email protected]

Printable Version - Print, complete and mail to:


 Title IX Coordinator

4100 Normal Street, Room 2129
San Diego, CA 92103


or, you may email a scanned copy to [email protected]


Professional Adult-Student Boundaries-Personnel (Grooming)


A formal complaint may be filed for Sex-based discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying, including sexual harassment that does not rise to the OCR definition of Title IX sexual harassment.  See UCP Page for AR and BP 1312.3 , Complaint Forms, and Notifications


Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities

Nondiscrimination Statement

This statement is to be published in all student newsletters, be on all school/district posters, and in all published materials.

PDF Printable (Spanish  Tagalog  Vietnamese)

Word Version for Copy and Paste (Spanish  Tagalog  Vietnamese)

Nondiscrimination/Harassment Policies-Students


Nondiscrimination of Transgender Students

Bullying Policies-Students 

NOTE:  Any bullying reports and/or complaints that rise to the Title IX definition of sexual harassment are to be handled following the protocol outlined in the Title IX-Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures as outlined in AR 5145.71.

Citizen Complaints Against District Employees

Questioning and Apprehension by Law Enforcement Policies