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Central Office, Education Center

education center

Main Entrance

As part of the Education Center security, visitors are required to check in and out at the main lobby information desk, located just inside the main entrance (pictured above). Visitors must show a valid picture identification to obtain a visitor badge. Doors on either end of main lobby are open to visitors during regular business hours.

Visitor badges must be returned when checking out, or deposited in designated drop boxes near exits.

Doors are open to employee Benefits and Payroll Departments during normal business hours (entrance at the northwest corner of courtyard). It is not necessary to check in at the main lobby when visiting these departments. 



Campus Map (line drawing)


Hwy 163 to Washington East to Campus Street, turn left on Campus. Visitor parking in front of Ed Center on Normal St. Other parking lots are permit only. See Map.
Thomas Brothers Map Coordinates:[1269-C5]


A limited number of two-hour parking spaces are available in the front of the building. Parking is also available on the north side of the building, but not in spaces labeled RESERVED or FOR PRESS. Street parking in the neighborhood on Campus Ave and Normal St. is always an option.

For larger events, additional parking is available at the New Vision Fellowship of San Diego Church, across from the Birney Elementary joint-use ball field.


The auditorium at the Education Center is generally used for weekly Board of Education meetings and other district-related presentations. The room accommodates audiences of approximately 290 people, and features:

  • Projection System
    (Includes one large center screen, two smaller side screens, and two laptop inputs. Remember to bring your own laptop and clicker!)
  • Podium w/ 2 Microphones
    (one standard microphone, additional microphone is ADA compliant)
  • Multbox for Audio Recording
    (Female XLR output is mic level, 1/4" and 3.5mm female outputs are line level. UPDATE: half of the XLR outputs have been switched to male finally!)
  • Dais
    (raised platform or low stage with seating for 18, each with gooseneck condenser microphones.)
  • Video Recording System
    (used for broadcasting live Board meetings on iTV Ch 16 and/or live streaming meetings/presentations on the web.)
  • TV Lights
    (light the dais and the podium)

Check auditorium availability and make reservations by contacting the Board Services Office at (619) 725-5550 or [email protected]. For more about the equipment and answers to other technical questions, view the Auditorium Equipment Overview or the Auditorium FAQs.

See also Board Meeting Information


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Contact Us


Eugene Brucker Education Center
4100 Normal Street
San Diego, CA 92103

Phone, Main Office

(619) 725-8000 (automated line)

(619) 725-8072 (main lobby)


7:45 a.m. — 5:00 p.m. (holiday and department hours vary)