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Parent Preference Survey

Dear San Diego Unified Families,  

We plan to continue providing quality online learning for families who choose to have their student(s) remain online and to also provide an Onsite/Online Hybrid model beginning on April 12th.  The Onsite portion of the hybrid will provide students with four days of onsite instruction for 5 hours for elementary/4 hours for secondary provided by our classroom teachers with an additional 30 minutes of onsite lunch.

For the remainder of each school day/week, students in the hybrid model will work independently on lessons provided by their teachers. This “asynchronous learning” will be done both online and offline. As soon as we finalize our Onsite/Online Hybrid model, we will provide you with specific details about your child’s schedule.

Our goal is to continue to provide a safe learning environment throughout the entire day for students and offer additional time beyond the instructional day. Additional time beyond the school day may be provided by staff and not necessarily by your child’s teacher. Your input will be necessary to determine the level of additional opportunities that may be provided.

Students receiving special education services will receive the services outlined in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in both the Onsite/Online Hybrid and the Online Only instructional models.

Please finalize your choice by completing this Instructional Model Choice Form indicating your choice for either the Onsite/Online Hybrid or the Online Only model as soon as possible. Please complete ONE form PER CHILD, using your child's student ID.   

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to continuing to support your child learning. 


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Health & Safety Information

In consultation with UC San Diego scientific experts, our District has determined it is safe to return to Onsite/Online Hybrid learning for all grade levels beginning in mid-April, as COVID-19 rates continue to decrease and vaccines are becoming available to teachers. Attending school will rely on strict adherence to current health and safety guidelines, as defined by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). San Diego Unified has launched COVID-19 testing for school employees and students. We will use the testing program to identify COVID-19 infection prior to individuals becoming symptomatic, which will allow the district to keep schools open so healthy teachers and students can teach and learn. More detailed information about the testing program can be found online. Please read the following Student Site Access Guide   English  Spanish  Somali   Tagalog  Vietnamese