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SDUSD Grading Policy

SDUSD Grading Policy

Our commitment has always been focused on educating the whole child and providing quality, standards-based instruction for each child in every neighborhood. Expanding standards-based grading throughout our entire school system, TK-12, promotes mastery of standards through multiple means, provides opportunities for students to demonstrate knowledge throughout the year, and prepares them to be college and career ready. Over the past year, our students, staff, and communities have faced unexpected challenges during a global pandemic and country-wide movement for racial justice. As a district, we have listened to our stakeholders, researched equitable grading practices, and revised our grading policy to best meet the needs of ALL students during this unprecedented time while taking into consideration what our students will need to prepare for life after graduation. 



Grading Policies: Then and Now

Current Policy: AR 5121
Academic and Citizenship Marks 

Standards-Based Grading FAQ