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Business Cards

Business Card Order Form

Personal Business Cards:

District standard business cards will be printed by Printing Services at the Ed Center for San Diego Unified employees only. The cost for a box of 500 is $11 for black and white and $19 for color. 

Submit your business card order below:
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Black and White

Black and white cards cost $11. Color cards (using the color logo) cost $19.

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Please use a valid budget string approved by your budget analyst or department head. Select and replace the 0 values with the same amount of digits.

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Include additional suffixes after your last name (i.e. RN, BSN, MPS, PHD, Ed.D) if applicable.
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Departments/Schools will print in ALL CAPS. (If you have a long name such as "THE SCHOOL OF LAW & BUSINESS AT ABC HIGH SCHOOL", enter the entire name here in all CAPS. If necessary, it will wrap onto a second line on the business card.


Address 1 * 
(Street number and street name)
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Opt. Examples: Suite 100, Annex 7A, Bldg. 3, Rm 29
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Phones and Fax

Please format exactly as you want it shown on your business card, including labels and punctuation. Example: P (619) 123-1234 x 1234  C (619) 123-1234
Format the additional phone or fax line exactly as you want it on your business card, including label and punctuation. Leave this field blank if you do not need additional numbers on your card. Example F (619) 123-1234
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[email protected]
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School sites follow the format: "schoolname.sandiegounified.org". Always test your address in a web browser for accuracy first!

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