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Enrollment Options Transportation Info

School BusThe San Diego Unified School District is continuing to adjust our services and programs in response to significant reductions in state funding for K-12 education. These changes to the district's transportation program may affect the availability and the cost of school transportation to your child's future school or to one of the schools that you applied to attend through the school choice application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have been informed by my current school that my children will no longer receive transportation. How can I find out if there is a bus to another school my children can use?
    Call the Enrollment Options office at (619) 260-2410 or stop by 4100 Normal St., Annex 12.
  2. Why did the transportation to my children's school change? How come they will no longer
    receive transportation?
    Due to the budget crisis, the Board Of Education found it necessary to adopt a budget that
    unfortunately caused a reduction in transportation services to the VEEP and Magnet
  3. My school has told me bus stop locations might change, how will I be informed of changes
    to my children's transportation?
    When changes are made to a student's service, the Transportation Department mails a
    notification to the student's home. School start-up service information is mailed one week
    prior to the start of school.
  4. Can my children ride on the bus "space-available"?
    Space-available transportation is no longer available.
  5. Can I pay for my child to ride the bus?
    If it has been determined that your child is not eligible but there is space on the bus you
    may be required to pay a fee in order to ride. However there is not an option for you to
    order and reserve a seat for your child. Please check with your school/transportation site
    liaison to learn if your child may ride space-available.
  6. My child has an IEP (Special Ed), how can I get a bus ride for him/her?
    Please contact the student's case manager at their school of attendance.
  7. Will the District pay me to take my child to school?
    In the Special Education Department there are certain District programs that allow for
    reimbursement. Please check with your school to learn if you qualify.
  8. Is my child eligible for any other programs that provide transportation?
    Please contact Enrollment Options at (619) 260-2410.
  9. We live within 5 miles from our resident school, can my child ride the bus using an existing bus
    In mid-October schools determine if there is room on the bus for additional students to ride.
    At this time, there is the possibility your child may ride on a space-available basis. Please
    contact your school/transportation site liaison for details on riding space-available.

For more general transportation information, visit the the Transportation Website.