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General Enrollment Information

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kidsWho needs to enroll?

  • Students who are attending school for the first time*
  • Students new to the district (they have recently moved into the San Diego Unified boundary or they were previously attending a private school, charter school or were home-schooled).
  • Students who were previously attending a district school, but have moved to a different area of the district.

*Students wishing to attend one of our preschools or child development centers must enroll through the district's Early Childhood Education Department. Details about our programs and enrollment materials can be found on the Early Childhood Education Department website.

Who does not need to enroll? 

Students currently attending a school in San Diego Unified School District who will be articulating to the next grade level at another school within their neighborhood cluster (feeder pattern) do not need to re-enroll at the new school. Information will be transferred automatically by the school your student is currently attending.

Parents of continuing students may update demographic information via the Parent Portal in PowerSchool. Contact your child's school to set up a Parent Portal account.

What actions and materials do I need to enroll?

Please click here for Enrollment Requirements. 

How do I enroll?

The district offers online school-site enrollment. Please read below to determine which option you are eligible to pursue.

Current SDUSD Student

If your child is a student who has already been attending a school in SDUSD, but has articulated to the next level (middle school or high school), has been accepted via Choice to a new school, or you have recently moved into a new neighborhood, you may enroll by contacting the school’s enrollment staff.

Click here for a List of School Site Enrollment Staff

2021-2022 New to District Student Enrollment

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If you are the parent/guardian of a student new to the district and enrolling for the very first time in SDUSD, you can enroll your child online in your neighborhood school. To identify your neighborhood school, please click on this link:


To pre enroll in your neighborhood school, please click on this link:

Please note that you may not pre enroll in a school of Choice using this tool.

Online application is not available for some district schools. Please contact the school directly if you wish to enroll your child at any of the following schools.

School Choice Application Required

Special Placement Required.

Additional resources that may be helpful in assessing your enrollment needs