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Gifted Students working on a project

GATE Department Mission Statement

The San Diego Unified School District supports' unique and equitable access for high achieving and underachieving pupils who are identified as Gifted. Our mission is to advance the development of gifted, talented, and high potential youth through opportunities, student advocacy, and exemplary programs and practices.


GATE testing cannot be conducted until all students have returned to on site learning.  

Depending on the time of the year the the district will determine how best to test the  students who were unable to test in 2019-2020.  This will include students who have been promoted to middle school.   

Testing for private school will also resume when in-person learning resumes.

The Office of Related and Low Incidence Services is responsible for all GATE Testing and Identification. For information about GATE Testing and Identification please see the Assessment Tab.

For information about GATE, please email [email protected].

GATE Office Update for 2020-2021 - Parent Letter