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Propositions S & Z

San Diego Unified School District's capital improvements are funded by two General Obligation (GO) bond measures--Propositions S and Z. A board-approved phasing plan for bond projects is being implemented by the district's Facilities Planning and Construction (FPC) Division.

FPC manages the implementation of the $4.9 billion bond program funded by San Diego Unified School District's Propositions S and Z. Prop. S is a $2.1 billion bond measure that was approved by 68.71 percent of San Diego voters in 2008. Prop. Z is a $2.8 billion bond measure approved by 61.8 percent of the voters in 2012. The district does not receive all the bond funds at once. It receives them in increments based on bond issuances, which are approximately every two years.

In an effort to provide a quality school in every neighborhood, the district is using Prop. S and Prop. Z funds to repair, renovate and revitalize district schools. Bond projects include classroom technology, safety and security upgrades, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades, new/renovated facilities for College, Career and Technical Education, temporary classrooms replaced by permanent classrooms, air conditioning, ADA improvements to athletic facilities, turf fields, and other capital improvements at traditional and charter schools throughout the district. By law, capital improvement bond funds cannot be used for teacher or administrative salaries.

Props. S&Z

Proposition Z Ballot

Proposition S Ballot

All San Diego Unified schools are currently benefiting from Prop. S as a result of the i21 Interactive Classroom Initiative. The i21 classroom suites are being installed throughout the district, delivering 21st century technology designed to create an engaging and personalized learning environment. The main components of the classroom suite include: an interactive whiteboard, an audio-visual cabinet, a teacher's presentation station, a wireless voice amplification system, an advanced-model document camera, a classroom DVD player, a netbook or iPad for each student, and a tablet for each teacher.

In addition, several College, Career & Technical Education projects have been completed at high schools throughout the district. Funded by Prop. S and matching funds from the state's Prop. 1D, College, Career & Technical Education Programs integrate core academics with technical and occupational training to prepare students for college and careers.

To learn what improvements are slated for specific schools during the facilities bond program, click here.

To ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent appropriately, the Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee monitors Prop. S and Z bond expenditures. Annual financial and performance audits will be also performed on Prop. S and Z.

Report fraud to the San Diego Unified Fraud Hotline at 800-539-6621.