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Monthly Expenditure Report

This report list expenses remitted by Accounts Payable Department. Accounts Payable is responsible for the payment of all expenditures with the exception of compensation, which is paid through Payroll Department.

Fiscal Year 2022-2023

  • July 2022

  • August 2022

  • September 2022

  • October 2022

  • November 2022

  • December 2022

  • January 2023

  • February 2023

  • March 2023

  • April 2023

  • May 2023

  • June 2023

Prior Fiscal Year Monthly Expenditure Reports

The report shows the following information:

  • Vendor Number - a unique identifier assigned to vendors by the payables software program

  • Vendor Name - the merchant from whom goods or services were purchased

  • Check Date - the date on which payment remitted and mailed to the vendor

  • Voucher ID - a unique identifier assigned to an invoice posted in the payables software program

  • Expense Type - the category that describes the types of goods or services purchased

  • Voucher Paid Amount - the amount remitted on the specific check id for the specific voucher