Financial Training Materials

Below are links to illustrated step-by-step manuals, booklets, and job aids on how to use eProcurement, Travel Expenses, and Budget Reports. Please click any of open them.


eProcurement Training Manual

eProcurement Training Exercises for Requesters

eProcurement Requesters Training Job Aid Packet

eProcurement for Site Administrators as of 6/2017

How to Run a Budget Inquiry as of 5/17
(Find out if you have enough funds to pay for your orders)

How to Order SDUSD Catalog (Stock/Inventory) Items as of 5/2017

How to use Express Item Entry Ordering as of 5/2017

How to Place Web Orders (Ind. Stationers, Office Depot, Waxie, etc.) as of 5/2017

How to Compare Office Depot Prices with Independent Stationers (and find the best deals)

How to Track Office Depot Orders (See when orders were shipped, delivered, etc.)

How to Enter Budget Once for Entire Order as of 5/2017

How to Order Printer/Copy Paper

How to Use Requisition Settings (A Great Timesaver on Special Request Orders!)

How to Find Special Request Categories

How to Order Special Request Items

ICA's (Independent Contractor Agreement) to Hire Outside Contractors

What to Do When You Receive Your Orders

How to Use Templates

How to Track and Manage Your ePro Orders
(Edit, Cancel, Resubmit, Track your orders, etc.)

How to Release Money from a Canceled Order (So you won't lose funding!)

How to Run the eProcurement Report
(View details of all ePro orders created within your school or department)

Travel Expenses

Travel & Expenses Handbook new

Budget Reports

How to Run the Budgets Overview Report (Interactive report showing budget allocations, expensed amounts, encumbered
amounts, and pre-encumbered amounts, but not detailed purchases)

How to Run a Budget Inquiry (See how much available funds you have in a given budget account)

How to Find Your Budget Status Report

How to Run the Remaining Amounts Budget Report

How to Run the Budget Transactions Detail Report

PeopleSoft HCM Training Materials