Risk Management

Risk Management provides services to the District with regard to Liability and Property Risk Control, Return to Work, Unemployment Insurance, and Workers' Compensation.

All work-related injuries/illnesses must be reported immediately

  • Call 911 if the injury or illness is an emergency.
  • Promptly provide or obtain necessary first aid when appropriate.

What to do if you are injured on the job

Employees and Volunteers (who have been processed and screened)

  1. Notify your supervisor immediately if you experience a work-related injury/illness.
  2. Seek medical treatment, when needed, at the nearest authorized 
    Clinics and Hospitals (Occupational Medical Facilities).The list of facilities is posted at your site and on the Risk Management website.
  3. Employees who have a pre-designated personal physician on file with Risk Management will be directed to see their own doctor. Contact Risk Management to confirm that a completed form is on file by calling (858) 627-7345 or e-mail [email protected].

Supervisors are required to

  1. Direct the injured employee, when needed, to the nearest authorized Clinics and Hospitals (Occupational Medical Facilities). The list of facilities is posted at your site and on the Risk Management website.
  2. Investigate every work related injury or illness immediately upon occurrence.
  3. Complete, print, and immediately fax the Supervisor's Report of Injury/Illness - Form 78 to the Risk Management Department at (858) 627-7353 or scan/email to [email protected]; do not wait for a principal/department head's signature.
  4. After sending the Form 78 to Risk Management, give the form to the principal/department head for review and signature.
  5. Fax or scan/email a copy of the Form 78 with principal/department head signature to the Risk Management Department, retaining the original report for site records.
  6. Obtain Work Status Reports/Updates from the injured employee after every doctor's visit, regardless if they are working or not working.
  7. If the injury or illness is serious and requires hospitalization, you are required to report it to the US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration-OSHA.  Please refer to the OSHA  website to submit a report and for additional reporting information and requirements:  OSHA's website  

Employees and volunteers with questions regarding their workers' compensation claim may call Sedgwick Claims Management Services, at (800) 842-8560.

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance

The San Diego Unified School District does not carry medical nor dental insurance for students injured on school premises, while under school jurisdiction, or while participating in school district activities. For these reasons, the District has made a student accident insurance program available for review and consideration by students' families. This insurance program is optional and complies with the California Education Code, which permits distribution of necessary information from the company providing the coverage.

Direct online submission is available through studentinsuranceusa.com .
For questions or additional information, call the company toll free telephone @ 1 (800) 367-5830.