Strategic Sourcing and Contracts (Purchasing & Contracts)

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Department Purpose and Mission


The purpose of the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department is to procure goods and services at the lowest cost for the best value in accordance with Public Contract Code and California Education Code, all the while, eliminating risk in the transaction, and safeguarding fair and competitive solicitations for contractors, bidders and proposers who provide the goods and services to the students, staff, and administration of San Diego Unified School District.


We achieve our mission by dedication to excellence in customer service, providing avenues of access to businesses, processing orders in a timely manner, streamlining operations, pursuing cost savings, identifying new sources of supply, developing relationships with small, minority, and women-owned vendors, and complying with all laws of the State of California.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the designated person for your site according to the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Point-of-Contact List.


Strategic Sourcing solutions provide easy access to common procurement vehicles that offer greater discounts as collective volume increases, business intelligence and best practice solutions. Additional benefits include:

  • Allows for cross-department participation

  • Assists with small business goals

  • Collect and analyze procurement data

  • Identify procurement trends

  • Re-engineer high cost business processes

  • Replicate cost-saving business processes

  • Share lessons learned and best practices

  • Realize cost efficiencies

  • Streamlines procurement process

  • Drives additional discounts

Specific department/commodity SS&C Point of Contact List