Classified Hiring Process

Classified Hiring Process (Internal Document for Sites/Departments)

1.    Site/Dept puts in a Fill Vacancy PAR (see job aid).

a.    If you need a position # or confirmation that you have a vacancy, you can run your allocation status report (see job aid).


2.    Site/Dept head needs to approve the Fill Vacancy PAR in order for it to move forward.   (Check the approvals tab on the PAR to monitor.)

3.    Fill Vacancy PAR moves through Finance/Position Control for approval.

4.    Fill Vacancy PAR moves to HR Reemployment for approval.

a.    If anyone has reemployment rights to this position, you will receive an email that an employee will be placed.

b.    If no one has reemployment rights to this position, the PAR will be approved and routed to HR Recruitment.


 5.    Once the Fill Vacancy PAR moves to HR Recruitment, your assigned Personnel Analyst will reach out via email regarding the posting. Classified positions are posted on the 1st and 15th of every month.

a.    Some positions have active lists and HR will not need to post (PIFs, some PARAs, Custodians, CDCAs).

6.    Once the posting closes, the Personnel Analyst will screen and/or test the applicants/candidates depending on the job classification.

7.    Once an eligibility and transfer list has been established, you will receive an email from your assigned Personnel Analyst with attachments and instructions. The email will reference the position # and PAR # (in case you have more than one vacancy).

8.    Please read the email and instructions carefully as this information may vary by job classification. Follow instructions and interview (if mandatory).

9.    Once you have made your selection and checked references, email your assigned Personnel Analyst with your final selection and electronically return the required interview documents.

10.  Once the Personnel Analyst approves, you may make an offer to the applicant/employee. (If you have questions about salary or step placement, please ask your Personnel Analyst.)

11.  Once the candidate accepts, you will create a PAR.

a.    Hire/Rehire PAR: If they are brand new to the district. (They will need to fingerprint and complete required hiring paperwork.)

b.    Assignment Change PAR: If they are current employees or subs. (They will not need to fingerprint again.)

c.     Site/Department Administrator must approve this PAR before it moves to HR.

12.  HR Recruitment will approve the PAR to hire or transfer (only if they have received all required interview documents).

13.  The PAR will move to HR Orientation if the candidate is a New or Rehire. You can track the status in the approval tab of the PAR. New/rehires cannot start until fingerprints are cleared and we have received proof of their COVID vaccine and TB results.

a.    HR Orientation will email the candidate the DocuSign employment application for New Hires to begin the onboarding process.

b.    Along with the completed employment application, the candidate must upload the following documents.

  • A copy of their Driver's License
  • A copy of their Social Security Card
  • Proof of TB Clearance
  • Proof of COVID vaccine
  • Optional- Direct Deposit/Voided Check

c.     Once the candidate returns the employment application packet back via DocuSign, it will be reviewed and if approved the candidate will receive information on where and how to fingerprint. We require both Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) prints which will be free of charge. Appointments are required through Appointy (no walk-ins).

i. At their appointment, they will have their fingerprints taken and they will also have their badge profile created and picture taken. They will not receive their badge at this appointment. Upon completion, the employee may make an appointment to pick up or request the badge be sent through school mail. The option to send through school mail is only available for monthly employees who have a site location.

d.    Fingerprints typically take 1-5 business days to clear. Some fingerprints can be placed on a “30 day delay” while the Department of Justice (DOJ) conducts a manual background check. The background check will take as long as DOJ requires and may be longer than 30 days.

e.    Once prints have come back cleared, if there is an associated PAR, there will be a note in PAR notes that will state the date of clearance. The PAR creator and PAR approver will receive an automatic email alert notifying them that the new employee is cleared to start. Your site is responsible for reaching out to the new hire to determine a start date. This date should be placed in the comments section on the accompanying PAR.

f.      After the Live Scan (fingerprint) background check has cleared, the hire PAR will then move to HR Input and the employee’s information will be entered into PeopleSoft and an employee ID number will be generated as the final step in the onboarding process.


 14.  Employee may now start in the position.