High School - Rights, Respect, Responsibility

Sexual Health Education Scope and Sequence

The Advocates for Youth Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3Rs) curriculum follows CA Healthy Youth Act requirements and National Sexuality Education Standards. These online curriculum resources are provided for instructors who have attended SDUSD's Sexual Health Education Professional Development, in accordance with CA Education Code 51935.

For information on the parental opt-out process and ideas for students excused from the instruction, click here: Sex Ed Opt-Out Guidance and Activity Ideas 

Classroom-based Curriculum:

Recommended Pre-Lessons - Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology

Lesson 1 - Understanding Gender

Lesson 2 - Sexual Decision Making

Lesson 3 - Rights, Respect, Responsibility: Don't Have Sex Without Them

Lesson 4 - Planning and Protection: Avoiding or Managing STIs

Lesson 5 - Getting Savvy about STI Testing

Lesson 6 - Know Your Options

Lesson 7 - Using Condoms Effectively

Lesson 8 - What Are My Reproductive Rights?

Lesson 9 - Is It Abuse If ...? (Revised 06/30/20)

Lesson 10 - My Life, My Decisions

End of Unit Assessment

Recommended Optional Lessons

Optional Videos

  • Life's Greatest Miracle (Video 53:56 min)

  • Sex Myths (Video 2:41 min)

  • Different Is Normal (Video 2:03 min) 

    NOTE TO TEACHER Before you show the "Different Is Normal" video, please let students know that they are going to be seeing illustrations of genitals and breasts and that the video also uses binary language equating penises with “guys” and vulvas and breasts with “girls”. Please remind students that gender is not the same as sex, and that people of any gender can have the body parts talked about in this video or may have body parts that do not match the ones in the video. The message of “different is normal” applies to all bodies.

  • Additional DVDs for Classroom Viewing

Additional Grade-Level Lessons