Amazon Business and Other Supply Ordering Tips

Amazon Business for P-Cards

Directions for School Site Purchasing - Purchasing through Amazon Business just became easier because NOW Amazon interfaces with Clever. 

Department Point of Contact for Amazon Orders at Strategic Sourcing is:

Vanessa  Vallarta, Buyer Assistant

Email: | Phone: 858.522.5860

The categories listed below have been approved for purchase District-wide through the Amazon Business Website:

  • Amazon Devices

  • Computer Accessories

  • Education Supplies (not available via Office Solutions or Staples)

  • Books

  • Classroom, School, Art Supplies and Materials (not available via Office Solutions, Staples or School Specialty)

  • Musical Instruments

  • Audio Visual and Electronics (Quote B&H Photo or GovConnection first)

  • Clothing and Uniforms

  • Scientific Equipment and Lab Supplies

  • Office Electronics (not available via Office Solutions,  Staples, School Specialty) 

Amazon Customer Service team at 866-486-2360

OFFICE SOLUTIONS: Preferred supplier offering competitive pricing

  • Office Solutions has been awarded a contract to become SDUSD’s primary supplier for office/school supplies

  • Office Solutions works just like Staples with a punch-out list

  • Compare Office Solutions pricing prior to going to Staples

STAPLES  Business Advantage

Log-in to the Direct Connect Punch-out System through PeopleSoft  or use your Procurement Card to purchase items. Remember to register your personal credit card to take advantage of in-store savings. More information in this link. Keep in mind, your shopping cart must meet a $50.00 minimum order per new District standards. Your Staples Business Advantage sales representatives are:

Laura Pokorny - [email protected]; Phone 858-335-3950

Kenneth Jones - [email protected]

Issues with online orders, back orders, and returns, contact:

Phone # 877-826-7755, Fax # 877-609-7770, E-mail: [email protected]

Want to Compare Pricing?

Watch this simple video to ensure you are price comparing the correct way. Price Comparing in PeopleSoft. 

School Specialty

Using School Specialty's "Requisition Lite"

In an ongoing effort to simplify the ordering of classroom supplies, the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department announces a new method of ordering classroom supplies from School Specialty. The process involves the classroom teacher as the originator of the order while still utilizing the PeopleSoft ePro Requisition system for creating, budget coding and approving the Requisition. Since the teacher will be using the same online catalog that a Requester uses when creating a School Specialty Direct Connect ePro Requisition, then the item information and pricing will be identical. Implementation details are as follows:

- A school requests a User Name and Password for each teacher who will initiate order requests for classroom supplies from School Specialty by submitting the following information to [email protected]:

- Name of School

- School's Department/Location Number

- Each teacher's name and email address

- School Specialty provides each teacher with a User Name and Password along with an instruction sheet on how to log in and create shopping carts at

- Teachers then create a shopping cart for their desired order, based upon this district's discounted prices. The shopping cart will also include sales tax to indicate the entire cost of the final order.

- The school then logs into the People Soft ePro Direct Connect system, selects the School Specialty website, and selects "Retrieve Carts" from the pop-up menu.

- The teacher's cart number is selected, using the website's built-in search engine, and a new Requisition is automatically created and fully populated with all the items in the shopping cart.

- The Requisition is then completed with account coding, budget checked, and submitted to the school Principal for approval.