Unemployment Insurance

Notice to Employees Regarding Unemployment Insurance Benefits:

If you are:

  • Unemployed, or
  • Working less than full-time, AND
  • You are able, available, and actively seeking work.

You may be eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits.

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) determines an individual's eligibility for benefits. To apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits, please call the EDD at (800) 300-5616, or apply on-line.

Employees of Educational Institutions:
Unemployment Insurance Benefits based on wages earned while employed by a public educational institution may not be paid during a school recess period if the employee has reasonable assurance of returning to work at the end of the recess period (California Unemployment Insurance Code, Section 1253.3). Benefits based on other covered employment may be payable during recess periods if the unemployed individual is in all other respects eligible, and the wages earned in other covered employment are sufficient to establish an unemployment insurance claim after excluding wages earned from an educational institution.

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