Rentals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q: Can I rent any school facility?
A: Any facility (not joint-use) during non-school hours not in use by the students or staff is available for rental

Q: Are there insurance requirements for facility rentals? Example of Insurance Requirements
A: Yes, they are outlined on our Rental request.pdf

Q: What are the costs involved with renting facilities?
A: The rates vary due to size of facilities, on-site staff requirements and whattype of organization is requesting. The rates are listed on the Civic Center Rate Schedule and we can explain further once your request is approved.

Q: Can my organization use any facilities for storage while renting them?
A: Yes, but the requestor must make prior arrangements with the site staff as well as our office.

Q: How do I get into the building for my event?
A: A custodian will unlock the facility for you. Keys to buildings or facilities are not issued to organizations renting facilities.

Q: May I rent a kitchen at a school?
A: Yes. However, arrangements will need to be made for a food service staff person to be on site at an hourly rate. Link to procedure

Q: How do I cancel a reservation?
A: Please contact our department at [email protected] at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled date. Cancellation fees may apply if no notice is given.

Q: May I rent a classroom for a meeting?
A: Yes but meetings are not restricted to classrooms, we can facilitate groups from 7 to 700

Football Fields/ Tracks / Grass Fields

Q: How do I rent field space from the school district?
A: Fields are available with priority given to school activities and can be rented by using our Rental Request Form and are reserved on a "first come-first serve" basis

Q: How many stadiums does the district have?
A: There are 15 stadiums but each High School is equipped with a football field

Q: Are these available for rental?
A: Yes, but again they are rented on a "first come- first serve" basis with student activities having priority

Q: What are the field-use requirements?
A: Check this link to field-use guidelines Field Usage Guidelines


Q: Our church would like to rent a school for services, is this available also?
A: Yes,churches are welcome at our sites on the weekends and evenings and are charged the" Fair Rental Rate"

Q: May we advertise our services being held at the school?
A: You are allowed to in the form of publications and to post church signage on District property the day of your service(s) so long as the signage does not cover any school signage. Church signage must be removed from District property at the conclusion of your service(s).

Personal Usage (Birthdays, Weddings Etc.)

Q: Would it be possible to hold a birthday party or wedding at a school?
A: Family reunions, wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, birthday parties, etc., are not considered appropriate for facility rentals.


Q: Does the district rent facilities for fundraisers?
A: Yes, non-profit organizations are welcome to hold fundraising events at our sites. Games of chance, lotteries, raffles, etc. are not allowed on District property except for fundraising events of the District parent-teacher organizations or student organizations, as permitted under state law at appropriate sites.

Gym Use

Q: Do you rent the gyms for adult basketball play/practice?
A: Yes. However, priority is given to school activities followed by Community Education activities, youth sports groups, and then adult sports groups.