Williams Legislation & Sufficiency of Instructional Materials

Williams Lawsuit History

Williams v. State of California is a statewide class action suit regarding sufficiency of instructional materials, adequacy of facilities and the qualification of teachers. In September 2004, the Williams Settlement Legislation was enacted into law requiring all districts in the State of California to provide sufficient instructional materials in core subject areas; maintain clean, safe facilities in good repair and take measures to guarantee all pupils have qualified teachers.

REMINDER - ALL schools are Williams schools, not just those reviewed by a County Office

From the Law with references to Ed Code: The priority objective of the visits made pursuant to this paragraph shall be to determine the status of all of the following circumstances:

(i) Sufficient textbooks, as defined in Section 60119 and as specified in subdivision (i).

(ii) The condition of a facility that poses an emergency or urgent threat to the health or safety of pupils or staff, as described in school district policy or paragraph (1) of subdivision (c) of Section 17592.72. (iii) The accuracy of data reported on the school accountability report card with respect to the availability of sufficient textbooks and instructional materials, as defined by Section 60119, and the safety, cleanliness, and adequacy of school facilities, including good repair, as required by Sections 17014, 17032.5, 17070.75, and 17089. New Legislative Requirements for Williams Eligibility
  • As outlined in AB 599, schools that meet the criteria listed below are eligible for monitoring under the Williams settlement legislation:
    • Schools where 15% or more of the teachers are holders of a permit, certificate, or any other authorization that is a lesser certification than a preliminary or clear California teaching credential


Requirements for All Schools
All schools must meet the Williams Legislation requirements in the following categories:

Additional Requirements for Schools Subject to a Williams Audit

Information and additional resources for schools subject to an annual Williams audit by the San Diego County Office of Education.

Williams Visited Sites -List of schools subject to a Williams audit by San Diego County Office of Education.

Additional District Requirements

Board Resolution on Sufficiency of Instructional Materials
The Williams legislation requires that districts certify the sufficiency of instructional materials at their schools through a Board resolution by the end of the eighth week of the school year. Annually, District staff bring forward for Board approval the "Resolution in the Matter of Certification of Sufficient Textbooks or Instructional Materials," affirming that each pupil in the district has sufficient materials that are consistent with the content and cycles of the curriculum framework adopted by the State Board of Education. This resolution certifies the sufficiency of instructional materials based on annual documentation from each school.

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