San Diego Unified School District is partnering with Peachjar to provide an electronic alternative for distributing fliers.

Peachjar's eflier management system electronically approves fliers and emails them directly to parents' inboxes. Parents can view e-fliers from their smartphone or computer. In addition, fliers are also posted on the school's website for easy viewing.

Use of Peachjar by district schools is voluntary, but encouraged for several reasons, which include:

  • It saves office staff time because everything is done online, including approval. Staff no longer has to spend time preparing fliers for distribution to students in their backpacks.

  • It sends fliers directly to the parents rather than using students as the distribution channel. Parents are emailed the fliers or they may choose to view them online. And they are sent as a group in one email - not multiple emails.

  • The service is free to our schools. Community organizations pay a small service fee to post and distribute efliers, which typically is much less than the cost they pay to copy and deliver paper fliers. Community partners work directly with Peachjar to pay and post fliers. (Please note that PTAs and internal school organizations do not pay a fee).

  • It saves paper

Schools using Peachjar are still required to follow the district's flier approval guidelines and procedures as outlined in Administrative Procedure 9350 and the District Policy Manual. The district adheres to a strict "No advertising policy," which is detailed in the District Policy Manual on page 139.

Important Note About Approval Process: Fliers distributed via Peachjar DO NOT NEED DISTRICT APPROVAL OR DISTRICT STAMP. School sites will approve all fliers. This means you will likely receive many fliers you have not seen in the past because they had previously been denied by the district. Through Peachjar, any organization has the opportunity to send schools fliers for approval. Please follow our district procedures and best judgment when approving fliers. You are under no obligation to approve a flier just because you receive the request. Only approve what you feel is appropriate for your school community and follows district procedures.

If you have questions or would like to begin using Peachjar, please see the information below or contact the Communications at 619-725-5578 or [email protected]

Steps for Launching Peachjar

Notify Communications and Select a Start Date > Notify Parents > Identify Flier Administrator, Uploader and Approver > Schedule Online Training > Activate Account

  1. Notify Communications ([email protected]) of your decision to use Peachjar. Select a start date (i.e. when you want the system to launch).

  2. Notify Parents: Announce to parents the new system (please see these templates you can use for a letter, email and/or newsletter or SchoolMessenger if you so choose). Please modify as you see fit for your school community.

  3. Identify flier Administrator, Uploader and Approver: Provide Communications with the names of the individuals at your school site that you want as an Administrator, Uploader and Approver.

    • Administrator: This individual can upload fliers and also designate others to approve fliers. Please provide one name.

    • Uploader: These individuals may upload fliers.

    • Approver: With Peachjar, the school also has online approval privileges (district approval is not needed). Please designate an Approver. Only one person can be designated as an Approver.

    • Once an Administrator, Uploader and Approver's names are loaded in Peachjar, each will receive an email with their username and password (you may change your password at that point).

  4. Training: Review instructions posted on Peachjar's website. Sign up for online training or watch one of the videos prepared by Peachjar. See details below.

  5. Activation: Once parents have been notified and an Administrator, Uploader and Approver have been identified and designated in Peachjar, the district will place the Peachjar link on the school website and direct Peachjar to activate the account. Peachjar will provide school with information to provide vendors and parents who inquire about Peachjar.

The Peachjar School Administrator (s) at your school will have flier-uploading privileges and may choose to assign flier-uploading privileges to others as well (e.g. another school office staff member and/or a parent group member). The school staff member(s) who will upload fliers or assign flier-uploading privileges should take these actions:

  1. View Peachjar's online training instructions: Click here to view

  2. Participate in a 20-minute online webinar. This training session is offered on several different days/times every month. Click here for webinar training and registration info: Peachjar Training.
    AND/OR watch the 30-minute training video produced by Peachjar: COMING SOON AND/OR watch this 5-minute video about uploading and approving fliers.

  3. Begin using Peachjar to post fliers after the start date.

  4. Ensure all community partners that want to post fliers are directed to Peachjar (Please send them to Peachjar's website)

School Uploader Instructions: Available on Peachjar's website.
Approvers: Please review these instructions after training and contact Peachjar with questions.

Additional information about this service is available on Peachjar's website: - mouse over "Schools." Also, you can email Peachjar at [email protected] or call toll-free 877-402-1786 (Ext. 2, School Support).