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School Site Council (SSC)

Overview and Responsibilities

The School Site Council (SSC) is a decision-making group that provides oversight on matters dealing with Federal and State-funded programs.

School Site Councils provide oversight of the academic planning and budgeting process associated with the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) in order to meet the needs of all students. SSCs provide meaningful consultation with the principal to oversee the implementation, monitoring, and revision of the SPSA, including reviewing and analyzing data; consulting with advisory groups; evaluating programs and activities, and allocating the expenditure of funds available to the school through categorical programs

The SSC is required at all schools in the San Diego Unified School District.


School Site Councils are comprised of parents, community members, staff, and students at secondary schools, who are selected by each of their constituent groups.

At all school sites, the minimum number of members is ten. The SSC is comprised of half parents and community members; and half school personnel, with classroom teachers in the majority, and one other staff member (not a classroom teacher). School sites can also have a student member as part of their parent/community member constituents.

The principal is an ex-officio member of the SSC. A School Site Council may have more members, as long as the correct configuration for elementary or secondary schools is maintained.

Prior to the first official meeting of the newly-elected School Site Council each fall, the principal shall submit an official roster to the Monitoring and Accountability Reporting Department indicating that the council has been constituted in compliance with all requirements of board policy, district procedures, and state and federal requirements pertaining to categorical programs. The roster shall include the names and contact information of all members, in addition to the constituent group that each member represents.

Current Administrative Circulars

Administrative Circular No. 14SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL (SSC) MEMBERSHIP ROSTERS AND TRAINING FOR THE 2020-21 SCHOOL YEAR: All Principals, School Site Council (SSC) Chairpersons, Area Superintendents, Division and Department Heads


         Link 1 : Steps for Delegating ELAC’s Responsibilities to the SSC

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