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Working on Facilities Bond Projects (Prop. S & Z)

Doing Business

Interested in doing business with San Diego Unified School District's Facilities Planning and Construction Division? Interested in working on S/Z/YY capital improvement bond projects? This is the portal to resources that will allow you to do just that. San Diego Unified is always looking to meet new construction contractors and construction-related professional services consultants. Beyond this page, we provide information to help those bidding our work to be more competitive.

Click here to get on our database - our most important resource for bidders - and to self-certify your business. Small, local and emerging businesses are especially important to our board of education and engaging them in our construction program is a top priority. For the Business Outreach page, click here.

Things You Should Know

Contractor Prequalification: San Diego Unified requires general contractors and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) subcontractors to submit a prequalification package to bid on projects over $1 million (regardless of the value of the prime and/or subcontractor's work on the project). For more information and a list of prequalified contractors, click here.

Contractor Registration Law: San Diego Unified may use only Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) registered contractors and subcontractors on public works for new construction and maintenance projects. This means the law applies to all contractors and subcontractors who intend to bid or perform work on San Diego Unified projects and that the District may not accept a bid or enter into a contract for a public works project with an unregistered contractor, or accept bids that include unregistered subcontractors.

  1. More information:SB 854 Fact Sheet
  2. Link to Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)website
  3. Link to DIR ContractorApplication

DVBE Requirement: SDUSD requires a mandatory 3% DVBE/SDVOB participation on all publicly bid construction contracts. Click here to view and print our Disabled Veteran Business Participation Tip Sheet.

DemandStar is one of San Diego Unified's bid notification sites that advertises our construction projects out for bid.

PlanWell is another of San Diego Unified's bid notification sites where plans and specs can be viewed. Select "Go" under Public Planroom, then type "SDUSD" in find field.

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