Contractor prequalification is a requirement for some contractors intending to bid San Diego Unified construction projects.

Prequalification questionnaires must be submitted 10 days prior to a project’s bid due date or they will not be processed for that project. San Diego Unified will issue qualification/disqualification notices by 5 days prior to bid due date. Please keep in mind that yours will not be the only package being processed.


Required prequalification:


   1. PROJECTS OF $1 MILLION OR MORE* - Prequalification is required by the following contractors, regardless of the value of the prime and/or subcontractors’ work on the project:


Prime contractorsGeneral contractors or any C-class contractor bidding as a prime contractor on projects of $1M or more. A key requirement for prequalifying as a Prime contractor is to have completed project references of $1M or more, where your company was the prime contractor. Click here to view or download the pdf questionnaire for prequalification to bid $1M projects as a Prime contractor.


MEP Subcontractors:  Mechanical, electrical, and mechanical subcontractors, including any contractor holding A, B and/or performing work of C-4, C-7, C-10, C-16, C-20, C-34, C-36, C-38, C-42, C-43 and C-46 licenses. Click here to view or download the pdf questionnaire for prequalification to bid $1 Million projects as a Subcontractor.


Click here for a current list of all $1M+ prequalified contractors. This list includes prime contractors eligible to bid with the district on projects $1 million or more, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing   subcontractors eligible to submit bids to bidding prime contractors.



   2.    PAINTING PROJECTS – San Diego Unified requires a special Painters prequalification for contractors holding B or C-33 licenses intending to perform painting on the district's painting   projects, both as a prime or subcontracting.  Click here to view or download the pdf questionnaire for prequalification to bid Painting Projects as a prime or subcontractor.   Click here for a current list of prequalified painters.



   3. LEASE-LEASEBACK PROJECTS – NON-MEP SUBCONTRACTORS – pool of prequalified non-MEP subcontractors established for 10 lease-leaseback projects.

             Click here for the list of prequalified non-MEP subcontractors


Contact Glenda Burbery at 858-522-5832 or with any questions about prequalification. 


Pre-Construction Helpful Links:

ADVERTISED BIDS:  To see projects San Diego Unified School District currently has out for bid, click here and be linked to our procurement site (DemandStar).

PLANS AND SPECS:  To see plans and specs and Planholders Lists for construction projects,  first go to PlanWell, San Diego Unified's procurement site, select "Go" under Public Planroom, then type “SDUSD” in Find field. 

SITE ATTENDEE LIST AND BID RESULTS (BY PROJECT):  To see ads, site attendees, and bid results for our projects, click here.



 *  Legislation (AB 1565) was passed and signed into law (CAPCC Section 20111.6) that affects contractors performing work on school construction projects as of January 1, 2014.