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San Diego Unified is committed to ensuring that emerging, small and underutilized construction-related businesses have viable opportunities to participate in all Propositions S/Z and Measure YY construction projects. To ensure small, minority-, women- and disabled veteran-owned companies are aware of these contracting opportunities, the district conducts the following:

  • Maintain a database of small, minority-, women- and disabled veteran-owned businesses expressing interest in contracting with the San Diego Unified.
  • Notify small, minority-, women- and disabled veteran-owned businesses and organizations of construction bidding opportunities via email, social networks and other media.
  • Promote contracting opportunities at many public outreach and procurement events, including those hosted by the Public Agency Consortium (PAC).
  • Issue the Business Outreach Newsletter regularly to provide construction bond program updates, contracting information,  upcoming bid opportunities, procurement news, and more.
  • Provide subcontractors with tools to network with general contractors, such as planholder lists and pre-bid site walk attendance sheets.
  • Inform contractors and Disabled Veteran Businesses (DVB) about San Diego Unified’s 3-percent DVB participation requirement. Read the DVB Tip Sheet to learn more about it!

  • Develop additional strategies based on stakeholder feedback on how to better serve emerging, small and underutilized businesses.

Business Outreach Database

The business outreach database is the main communication tool San Diego Unified uses to provide notices and information about construction opportunities. To get on the database, click here, fill out the form and email it to Alma:

Don’t delay! New projects are announced weekly. Participating in the new process will be the only way to receive direct updates about San Diego Unified construction project opportunities and procurement news (even if you have been on our old database for years).


Click here for an overview of everything you need to know about doing busienss with San Diego Unified. 


Karen Linehan, Outreach Program Manager

Tel: (858) 627-7232
Fax: (858) 573-5857

Alma Banuelos, Business Outreach Coordinator

Tel: (858) 573-5852
Fax: (858) 573-5857

Mail: San Diego Unified School District, Physical Plant Operations Center, Room 9, 4860 Ruffner Street, San Diego, CA  92111-1522.