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Facts for Parents

Facts for Parents is an annual publication containing updated information relevant to the families of San Diego Unified including rights and responsibilities as well as district, local, state, and federal policies that impact all students.
  • Important Dates for the Upcoming School Year
  • Key Contacts
  • Welcome letter from Superintendent Lamont Jackson
  • Parent/Guardians Rights and Responsibilities
  • Discrimination, Intimidation and Bullying Policies, Uniform Complaint Procedure
  • Sexual Harassment of Students and Complaint Procedure
  • At School
  • Student Rights and Records
  • Health Requirements and Wellness
  • Restorative Discipline Policy
  • Student Records and Rights
  • Attendance
  • Technology
  • Language and Language Acquisitions Programs
  • Forms
    • Universal Form (required)
    • Pesticide Use & Notification Form (optional)

Parents are legally entitled to and should receive an updated booklet at the beginning of each school year. A signed Universal Form shows that parents have received this information, and a copy of the completed form should be maintained at sites during the school year.

Download or View the Facts for Parents Booklet