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Solar Eclipse Safety Tips and Resources

Solar Eclipse Safety Tips and Resources
Posted on 04/07/2024

San Diego is among the places in North America that will experience a solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, that will momentarily block out the sun.

Although San Diego is not on the path of the total eclipse, the region is expected to witness a partial eclipse that will begin around 10 a.m., peak at 11:11 a.m., and end at 12:23 p.m.

It’s important to remember that direct exposure to the sun's rays, especially during an eclipse, poses severe risks to eye health. Even a partial eclipse can cause irreversible eye damage without proper precautions. The safety of students and staff is the San Diego Unified School District’s top priority. Below are some important safety tips to keep in mind for April 8:

·      Never look at the sun.

·      Viewing any part of the bright sun directly or without the use of certified solar eclipse glasses will cause severe eye injury.

·      Sunglasses are not enough protection to view the solar eclipse.


The solar eclipse offers a unique teachable moment to spark a child's interest in science by showing how the moon rotates around our planet and how the earth rotates around the sun. To view resources and information about the eclipse, including when and how to watch it safely, visit the San Diego County Office of Education or NASA's website.