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Environmental Reviews

San Diego Unified School District goes through an extensive environmental review process prior to starting construction on any new project or making improvements to existing facilities. By law, all projects undertaken in the State of California are required to be reviewed under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). For new schools, the environmental review process typically takes between 12 and 24 months, while the process for existing schools takes approximately six months.

In accordance with CEQA, the district's Facilities Planning & Construction Division keeps the state and public informed through multiple means that include issuing notices of intent before projects, holding meetings to collect public input when necessary, and assessing the need for an Environmental Impact Report. In an effort to be more transparent, the school district goes beyond the CEQA requirements when noticing neighbors, parents, staff, students and other stakeholders. For additional information, or if you would like to be noticed on a particular environmental project, please contact Paul Garcia, Civil/Environmental coordinator, at 619-913-2999 or [email protected].



Perkins Elementary School Whole Site Modernization and Land Acquisition Project

Environmental Impact Report Notice of Preparation - January 28, 2022
Environmental Impact Report Notice of Preparation Presentation - January 2022



O’Farrell Charter School Whole Site Modernization Project

Notice of Intent - English and Spanish - March 12, 2021
Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration - March 2021
Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration Appendices - March 2021

San Diego High School Whole Site Modernization Project

Final Environmental Impact Report - April 2021
Draft Environmental Impact Report Notice of Availability - English and Spanish - February 19, 2021
Draft Environmental Impact Report - February 2021
Environmental Impact Report Notice of Preparation - English and Spanish - May 29, 2020
Environmental Impact Report Notice of Preparation Initial Study Checklist - May 2020

SDUSD Capital Improvement Program Environmental Impact Report

Final Environmental Impact Report - July 2021
Final Environmental Impact Report Appendices - July 2021

All Board of Education Approved and Certified Environmental Documents can be found here: