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Choice Enrollment

The priority window to submit 2022-2023 School Choice applications was October 4 - November 15, 2021.

Late applications may be submitted and will be processed in time/date order of receipt. Choice priorities do not apply to applications submitted after November 15, 2021.


Discover San Diego Schools: New Searchable Guide for Parents

With the School Choice priority window open, now is the time to explore options for the 2022-23 school year and learn more about the different programs available to families - and the brand-new Discover digital guide makes it easier than ever before!

The Discover guide allows parents to easily find and learn more about their neighborhood school, as well as create customized searches based on the factors most important to their family, including:

As we continue to add information to this new digital guide, we hope all parents will explore the tool and share their thoughts on how we can continue to improve. Please send any feedback to:[email protected].


Click here for a list of high school cluster area schools that currently provide a Special Education Moderate/Severe separate setting.


Transportation for all programs is limited. Transportation provided per an IEP as a related service is only provided to the pupil's school of residence, or school of assignment by the Special Education department. It is not provided to a school of Choice. Parents who apply to a school other than the resident school or school of assignment waive the right to transportation as a related service. More information about transportation.


Charters operate independently of the San Diego Unified. Each school has its own enrollment and admissions procedures. For information about ho to enroll your child in a charter school, please contact the school(s) directly.

To apply for Choice for the 2022-2023 school year please click on one of the links below:



All applications received from October 4 - November 15 will be part of the lottery process which is completed in February 2022. Parent notifications of the lottery results will be sent via e-mail in early March 2022.   


CA legislation has updated the age requirements for students who are entering transitional kindergarten. By the 2025-2026 school year, students turning 4 by September 1st will be offered Universal Transitional Kindergarten at all sites.

SDUSD began the implementation of UTK during the 2021-2022 school year by offering the program in 56 of our elementary sites. Currently, SDUSD is working to identify additional sites to further expand UTK, until all elementary sites are included. However, to date, only 56 sites are offering UTK. Please make your selections with the consideration that not all elementary sites will offer UTK.
It's possible that UTK will still only be offered at the current 56 sites. For a list of current sites offering UTK, please click here: UTK Sites.

TK is offered at almost every elementary school. Sites that do not offer TK will not be listed as an option on the Choice application. Students must turn 5 between September 2 - December 2 to enroll in TK.


If you received notice of an offer of Choice enrollment, or wish to follow up on an offer that you did not respond to, please contact the site enrollment staff to confirm school of Choice via email. For a list of enrollment staff names and email addresses for each school site, please click here.


Historical Data

To help you determine the changes of your child being accepted at the first Choice school, refer to the historical data, linked below.

(Note: This recent historical information is for reference only, and not a guarantee of acceptance rates since the number of applications received varies year to year.)


2021-22 Enrollment Options Guide


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