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Facilities Planning & Construction (FPC)

Physical Plant Operations Center
4860 Ruffner Street, San Diego, CA 92111-1522
Fax: 858-496-1951

Lee Dulgeroff

Lee Dulgeroff
Chief Facilities Planning & Construction Officer

Communications Office (FPC and Props. S/Z)

Samer Naji, Facilities Communcations Supervisor
Tel: 619-725-7747

Construction Management

Don Webb, Director
Tel: 858-573-5712
Fax: 858-637-6227

Fiscal Controls and Information Systems

George A. Harris III, Director
Tel: 858-637-6269
Fax: 858-496-1936

Project Management

Gary Stanford, Director
Tel: 858-637-6280
Fax: 858-496-1951

Pre-Award Construction Contracts

Linda Hippe, Contracts Administration Supervisor, Construction
Ph: 858-522-5831

Judi Stark, Const. Contracts Asstistant
Ph: 858-522-5864

Jennifer Almond, Contract Specialist
Ph: 858-522-5822

Sharon Cheng, Contract Specialist
Ph: 858-522-5854

Natalie Ethridge, Contract Specialist
Ph: 858-522-5825

Jessica Imperial, Contract Specialist
Ph: 858-522-5840

Ashley Mains, Contract Specialist
Ph: 858-522-5830

Professional Services

John Groll, Contracts Administration Supervisor
Ph 858-522-5810
Fax 619-542-5710

Jennifer Damiano, Contract Specialist
Ph 858-522-5815
Fax 619-542-5715

Sarah Moreno, Contract Specialist
Ph 858-522-5865
Fax 858-522-5885

Business Outreach

Karen Linehan, Manager

Alma Banuelos, Small Business Coordinator
Ph: 858-573-5852
Fax: 858-573-5857

Sidney Hucklebridge-Key, Lease-Leaseback Coordinator
Ph 619-491-4960 

Report fraud to the San Diego Unified Fraud Hotline, 800-539-6621.

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