Computer Proficiency Opt Out Test

Information on Administering the Computer Proficiency Test

If students are taking the test in order to get a waiver for the high school computer proficiency requirement, they should take part 1 first. If they do not pass this part, then they are done with the test and will not receive a waiver for the class. The same is true with part 2. If students do not pass either part, then they are finished and will not receive a waiver. If students do not pass, then they will either have to take a computer class that meets the high school computer proficiency requirement, or they can retake this test in the following six-week period. We encourage students to take an approved course rather than get a waiver because the courses encompass comprehensive standards-based curricula (see standards/competencies link below) and provide skill-based experiences in various technology areas. A waiver should be an exception, not the rule.

Please review the district memo on the high school computer proficiency test-out option before contacting Laurel Rice for the computer proficiency test and answer keys at

The order for giving the test should be:

1. Part 1 (Written)

2. Part 2 (Performance Task)

As a reminder, this test has been created for students who are trying to meet the high school computer proficiency graduation requirement and have not been able to fit a computer class into their schedules or were not offered the opportunity to take one. This test should be used at the high school level rather than at a middle or junior high school and given on a one-to-one basis.

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