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Student Spotlight - Sahithi Lingampalli

Student Spotlight Sahithi Lingampalli -- The Graphic Designer

A non-profit sticker business benefitting individuals with autism. A student run publication focused on self-help and lifestyle advice for high school students. A 501(c)(3) e-magazine that aims to keep students interested in current affairs.

These are just a few of the publications and business ventures Sahithi Lingampalli, a senior at Scripps Ranch High School, has founded in her early career as a graphic designer.StudentSpotlight-SahithiLingampalli

Sahithi remembers sitting at her parents’ computer from a very young age and writing stories about all the fonts she could find. She was enamored with them. But it wasn’t until after taking a digital art and photography class at Thurgood Marshall Middle School that Sahithi discovered her appreciation for fonts could be so much more.

“I learned about Photoshop and then I realized that my love of fonts could go beyond just writing stories -- that I could use it, that there was a term for it, and that was graphic designing,” Sahithi said. 

After that class, Sahithi continued to explore graphic design and hone her skills. An avid reader and writer, she was particularly interested in combining her love of design with her affinity for writing. Above all else, she knew that she wanted her craft to a have an impact for good.

This led Sahithi and her twin brother to start an online store for stickers they designed featuring positive messages for individuals with special needs like Down syndrome and autism. All proceeds from their sticker sales are donated to the Autism Research Institute so that they can learn more about the condition, a cause that is especially meaningful to Sahithi and her twin because their older brother has severe autism and is nonverbal.

“It's very fulfilling to know that what I’m designing is helping people. That I’m doing something I love for others, not just myself,” Sahithi said.

That drive to do good also motivated Sahithi to enter the San Diego Public Library’s Black History Month library card contest two years ago. When she heard about the contest, she thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use her art and design to make an impact and spread a message.

“I feel like art is one of those things that doesn't come with a language barrier. It's universally understandable, and you can spread so many messages that resonate with people just from a visual.” Sahithi said. “And you can do so much with it. I feel like it is a very underrated way of spreading information.”

Sahithi Lingampalli_Library Card Design

Her design – meant to demonstrate the impact of Black figures across many fields and in all different areas of society – was selected from dozens of entries to be the special edition library card for Black History Month in 2021. The card featured basketball legend Kobe Bryant, congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis, tennis great Serena Williams and Vice President Kamal Harris in front of the word “inspire.”

“I really wanted to show their strength by putting them together and the word “inspire” because they are an inspiration to us,” Sahithi said.



Una empresa de calcomanías sin fines de lucro que beneficia a personas con autismo, una publicación dirigida por estudiantes enfocada en ayuda personal y consejos de estilo de vida para alumnos de preparatoria, una revista electrónica 501(c)(3) que tiene como objetivo mantener a los alumnos interesados en temas de actualidad, estas son solo algunas de las publicaciones y empresas comerciales que Sahithi Lingampalli, estudiante de último año en la Escuela Preparatoria Scripps Ranch, ha dirigido en su corta carrera como diseñadora gráfica.

La capacidad de diseño de Sahithi fue reconocida en toda la ciudad en el año 2021, cuando uno de sus diseños artísticos fue seleccionado entre docenas de diseños participantes para crear la tarjeta de biblioteca de edición especial para el sistema bibliotecario de San Diego durante el Mes de la Historia Afroamericana.