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Female Red Sox Executive Visits Hoover HS

Inspiring Girls in Sports: Boston Red Sox Female Executive Visits Hoover High School Students
Posted on 12/06/2022



Inspiring Girls in Sports: Boston Red Sox Female Executive Visits Hoover High School Students

Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2022

SAN DIEGO - A top female executive from one of Major League Baseball’s most decorated teams made a stop at Hoover High School Monday to inspire female students and athletes to dream big.

The Boston Red Sox’s Pamela Kenn, who currently serves as the team’s Vice President of Community Relations, took photos with the female athletes and provided them words of encouragement about being a woman in a male-dominated business.

“I spend a lot of time being the only woman in the room. It took some time to get used to, but I realized I brought much more to the table,” Kenn told the female athletes. “I brought diversity of thought, different emotions, and different survival skills. So I think the future of women in sports is really great.”

Based in Boston for the past 121 years, the Boston Red Sox have won 9 World Series titles and 14 American League pennants. The Red Sox have a unique connection to Hoover High, which was the high school of Ted Williams. A mural depicting Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn, another Hoover High alum, was unveiled on the Hoover High campus in June.

Like the team, Kenn is also a decorated executive, receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Management from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, which later awarded her with the “Alumni-on-the-Rise” award for her exceptional achievement in the sport industry.

During her time with the Boston Red Sox, Kenn rose from intern to Director of Media Relations, to Senior Director of Public relations, and then to her current position as Vice President.

Hoover High School student Camila Pereyea said although she didn’t know much about the Red Sox, she felt inspired by the challenges that Kenn overcame with the team.

“It was inspiring to see she fought for what she deserved,” said Pereyea.

San Diego Unified School District Board of Education President Dr. Sharon Whitehurst-Payne and Board of Education Trustee Richard Barrera were also in attendance to support the students.

“We’re always here to support all of our students,” said Whitehurst-Payne. “Learning at a young age to empower yourself and build confidence is something we believe students will carry on with them once they graduate. I want to see San Diego Unified’s young women go on to continue breaking all the glass ceilings.”

Read more about Hoover High School here: https://hoover.sandiegounified.org/.