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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month, also known as Latinx Heritage Month, is observed from September 15 through October 15 and recognizes the culture, history, struggle, contributions, and achievements of Hispanic and Latinx Americans.

The San Diego Unified School District officially recognizes and celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month each year, and encourages teachers, other staff members, students, and the community to use this opportunity to honor the contributions of the Latinx population through student led activities and inclusive curriculum.

Please explore some of the resources available to learn more!

Guide to Hisp Heritage Month

Resource Guide for Educators, Administrators, and Families
This resource guide explains key facts and terminology regarding Hispanic Heritage Month, the meaning of the term "Latinx," and information about English Language Learning within our schools.


Open call to students

STUDENTS! Share Your Experience
Students are encouraged to participate in the district's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month by taking part in our Latinx Heritage Art Contest, joining our Latinx student panel via Zoom, or submitting a story about your experience and identity as a Hispanic/Latinx person. Check it out!


Open call to staff

STAFF: Join the Discussion!
Join other employees in the district's affinity group, participate in our Latinx heritage panel via Zoom, or share your personal story to be featured!


Visit website

Cultural Awareness Center: Learn More
Visit the Youth Advocacy Department's website for more information and resources.