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Special Diets

If your child requires a special diet provided daily by the school cafeteria, a prescription written in English by a U.S. licensed physician indicating the medical necessity must be sent to San Diego Unified. All special diet requests must be filled out in English and signed by a U.S. licensed physician, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner. If a student changes schools, Food and Nutrition Services must be notified. Please be sure that all forms are filled out in their entirety before sending to Food and Nutrition Services to ensure special diets are written and implemented in a timely manner. Special meal accommodations and milk substitution requests must be turned in every school year, they do not roll over from the previous school year.

To request a milk substitution due to a medical or other special dietary need, a parent or guardian can complete the "parental request for a fluid milk substitution for school-age children" form (provided below). Please note this form is not intended to accommodate students who drink fluid milk substitutions such as soy milk due to taste preference. Send all forms/prescriptions directly to Mary Tyranski, San Diego Unified Dietitian via fax (858) 565-6378 or e-mail [email protected]. 

Milk Substitution Information for Parents
Form to request milk substitution: Parental Request for a Fluid Milk Substitution Form 

Special Diet Order Information for Parents
Form to request special meals: CA Dept of Ed.: MD form to request meal accommodation (Updated 9/3/20)

Declaración Médica Para Solicitar Comidas Especiales o Adaptaciones