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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-Budget

How does the District account for school district revenues and expenditures?

  • The District uses a chart of accounts that corresponds with the standardized account code structure (SACS) published by the California Department of Education to account for revenues and expenditures. SACS is a statewide, uniform financial reporting format used by local educational agencies (LEA) in California. The SACS system is comprehensive and gives LEAs a variety of ways to track and report financial information, including by specific programs and functions.


What is the Local Control Funding Formula?

  • The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) is a state funding model for school districts that began in 2013-14.  One of the goals of the LCFF is to simplify how state funding is provided to school districts. Funding of the LCFF is through a combination of local property taxes and state aid and is distributed to school districts based on the following factors:
    • Grade span-specific base grants based on ADA;
    • Supplemental grants equal to 20 percent of the adjusted base grants multiplied by the LEA’s unduplicated percentage;
    • Concentration grants equal to 50 percent of the adjusted base grants multiplied by an LEA’s percentage of unduplicated pupils above 55 percent; and
    • Two add-ons equal to the amounts school districts received in 2012–13 for the Targeted Instructional Improvement Block Grant and Home-to-School Transportation programs.
    • Cost-of-living adjustments as provided through the annual state budget.