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They Cared Memorial

On the morning of January 29th, 1979, a 16 year old girl living across the street from Cleveland Elementary School in Allied Gardens opened fire on the students and staff with a semi-automatic rifle. Principal Burton Wragg ran to help children to safety and was mortally wounded along with Building Services Supervisor Mike Suchar. In addition to the two men, a total of eight children and a police officer who arrived on scene were seriously wounded.

We wish not to give recognition to the shooter, but rather to the dedication of those who worked to serve students that day. All are encouraged to visit the memorial and take a moment to reflect.

As employees of San Diego Unified, we have an impact on the lives of students. Together we make a difference. It' s up to us to remember and honor this very special quality in ourselves and in each other.

Let's continue to show how much we care.

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Memorial 2

Memorial Plaque