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Chiropractic Benefits

Optum Health provides chiropractic benefits for active employees. You are eligible for this benefit if you are enrolled in any of the District's employee medical plans. The coverage is the same for all the plans but the co-pay varies based on what medical plan you are enrolled in. The links below describe the coverage and co-pays:

Medical Plans with $10 co-pay:
Kaiser HMO
United Healthcare HMO Network 1
Summary of Benefits $10 co-pay

Medical Plans with $20 co-pay:
United Healthcare HMO Network 2 and Network 3:
Summary of Benefits $20 co-pay

Medical Plans with $30 co-pay:
United Healthcare SignatureValue Alliance HMO
United Healthcare Journey Harmony HMO
United Healthcare/UMR NexusACO Select Plus PPO:
Summary of Benefits $30 co-pay

Optum Health Chiropractic Benefit Overview (includes how to find a provider) 
**Please Note: UHC UMR NexusACO Select Plus PPO enrollees should first call the member services phone number on the back of their ID card (800.826.9781) when seeking chiropractic care.