Interdistrict Attendance Permits

Interdistrict Attendance Permits are currently only being processed remotely.  Please scan and email your application and any required documentation (verification of work location, IEP, 504 plan, etc.) to us at

Please check the SDUSD homepage for updated information on school closures, and continue to check this webpage for updated information on Enrollment Options.

Formal agreements between San Diego County school districts and San Diego Unified School District allow for the transfer of one or more students between districts. An Interdistrict Attendance Permit may be approved into or out of the district for specific reasons only. Information regarding the specific reasons may be obtained from the Enrollment Options Office. In some cases, verifying documentation is also required. Applications for pupils with IEPs or 504 plans must include the attached plans.  San Diego Unified School District welcomes the enrollment of out of district families. The first step is to apply for, and be accepted via the Choice process. You may submit your application online at Once acceptance is confirmed via email, the Interdistrict Attendance Permit will need to be submitted with all required documentation, and approved, to complete the enrollment process.

Families who originally enroll as residents and then move out of the boundaries of SDUSD are also required to submit an approved Interdistrict Attendance Permit from the new district of residence within 10 school days of moving out of boundaries, in order to continue to attend the school. Continuing enrollment is only possible through the end of the current school year, and the family must apply for Choice, and be accepted, in order to remain enrolled in subsequent years. Continued enrollment through the end of the school year is subject to principal approval.

Please note that approval of an Interdistrict Attendance Permit does not guarantee enrollment in a particular school. Once enrolled into a school, an interdistrict student is generally allowed to continue at that school to the highest grade level. All pupils enrolled with Interdistrict Attendance Permits are required to maintain good attendance, conduct, and grades. Parents and guardians of pupils enrolled with an Interdistrict Attendance Permit are expected to support and cooperate with the school on all matters. Concerns around any of these areas may result in the revocation of the permit, and the pupil will be directed to enroll in the district of residence.

You will need to complete and submit the San Diego County Office of Education's Application for Interdistrict Attendance Permit Form 341:

Application for Interdistrict Attendance Permit

This is a new "fillable" pdf form: you may type directly on the form, print it out, sign it, and submit to the district of residence. You may also print out the blank form and fill in the information by hand.

Interdistrict Transfer Application Spanish

Note: Submit the completed application to the district of residence-not to a school site.

If you are seeking an interdistrict attendance permit due to child care needs, you will need to complete a Declaration of Child Care and submit it, along with the Interdistrict Attendance Application, to the Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options office.
Declaración de Cuidado Infantil

For detailed information on San Diego Unified's interdistrict transfer policies, please refer to Administrative Procedure 6126: Interdistrict Attendance Permits. You may also contact the Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options office.