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Hello Gecko Families. This is Principal McClure with your weekly update.

Thanks so much to our Gecko Dads Corp—they were able to get all the shelves in the library up, assemble the PE shed, and install whiteboards in our conference room! Great work.

If you would like to help shelf our books, we need your help. Any time you can give, would be greatly appreciated. Please stop by the office to give your contact information, and we will start shelving our books—we are in the final stages, and we can’t wait to have our new library open for our students.

Reminder—this Thursday is picture day. Be sure to have that favorite outfit ready, and look for picture information sheet from Sumner Photography to complete your orders.

The first Geecko Science Club meeting will be held this Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 11am by the Gecko Dad Core.  We will meet in front of Green Elementary by the parking lots. There is no cost to attend and everything will be provided for.  A parent or guardian should remain present while the kids perform hands-on and interactive science tasks.  The science club is meant to foster excitement and asking questions of "How is this possible?

For your health and safety information, the science tasks are all designed for kids.  If a certain experiment could be dangerous, I assign a guardian to remain at the booth to prevent unnecessary risks.  An example would be fireproof balloons where an air balloon pops near instantly when exposed to fire wand but a balloon with water does not even when left over a flame for 30 seconds.  Only the guardians have use of the fire wands and appropriate fire control measures (table blankets and such) are in place.

I hope you have a wonderful evening. Goodbye.

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