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The Interscholastic Athletics program is conducted under the auspices of the department of Physical Education, Health, and Interscholastic Athletics.

The program is founded on the following beliefs:

  • Athletics is an integral part of the high school experience;

  • Participation in athletics provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, and fosters the ability to cooperate with others while developing strong interpersonal relationships;

  • Students acquire a commitment to building personal value systems;

  • Participation serves as a learning laboratory for developing an understanding of health, and of the relationship between mind and body.

The program provides a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in organized sports.Interscholastic Athletics is funded by the District and regulated by the California Education Code, which gives the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) responsibility for administering interscholastic athletic activities in secondary schools.

The City Conference is the organization responsible for administering the interscholastic athletics programs of the San Diego Unified School District within the policy framework established by the Athletic Council (Principals from 28 San Diego City Senior High Schools and five parochial/private schools) and within the rules and regulations of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) - San Diego Section. The Conference operates under a Constitution, Bylaws, and CIF regulations. The Conference membership consists of two divisions: Boys' and Girls', each divided into an Eastern League, Western League, and Central League.  City Conference Calendar 2015-16
Statement of Philosophy
A sound and well-balanced standards based instructional program of physical education is of primary importance and is basic to any sports program. Participation in interscholastic athletics should augment the instructional program. The interscholastic program is based on the needs and interests of the highly-skilled student and will include only those individuals, dual, and team activities approved by the Board of Education for which qualified leadership, financial support, and adequate facilites are available.

The supervision, regulation, and conduct of all athletic programs must ensure concern for the welfare and best interest of the participants. The administration and supervision of the interscholastic sports programs are responsibilites of the school administration, athletic director (s), and coaches. These responsibilities should include planning, organizing, coaching, and supervising the program. No program should be expanded beyond the ability of the department to direct it.

The interscholastic athletics program is an integral part of the total educational experience for the participants.

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Janice E. Carvajal, Administrative Assistant
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