Fee for Transportation (FFT)

The Board of Education has retained the fee for transportation (FFT) policy for transportation services for the new school year. The per-student cost is $500 for one student and $250 for a second student, with no additional cost for three or more riders in the same household. (The cost is pro-rated for Space Available students who start riding the bus later in the first semester.) A letter and invoice for the coming school-year was sent to the parents of affected students in August. If you didn't receive this letter and require that information, you may download a copy of it here. There are exceptions to the Fee for Transportation policy and the parent letter explains those exceptions as well as the various means of payment that are available.

Contact Linda Knipple at (858) 496-8701 if you have questions, or to arrange payment. You may be directed to the PayPAMS website to make payment if you wish to use a credit card. We cannot accept credit cards for payment, but PAYPAMS does.

If you paid for your bus service for this year, then qualified for an exception making it free, you may download the refund form and submit it to the Transportation Department for a full refund. Just be aware that FFT exceptions will be verified before an actual refund is made.

Space Available Ridership

Effective the 2015-2016 school year, Space Available transportation will be offered in September of each school year and the 2015-16 Space Available Application is now available. Please contact your school site regarding service for your student, and/or contact Linda Knipple in Transportation at (858) 496-8701 for questions regarding the payment process.