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2015 Honor Roll School Award from the Campaign for Business & Education Excellence Zamorano Named Honor Roll Star School
A leading California business group has recognized Zamorano as being a "bright spot of excellence," with a position on its annual Honor Roll.
Maximize Learning Through Visual Art
Ms. Vance Started an Art Blog...
Parking Lot Reminder
Parking lot hours and tips...
Mr. Rouillard's Young Musicians Website
Music teacher Mr. Rouillard has set up a site to help our music students...
Mr. Masse's Zamorano Art Blog
Art teacher Mr. Masse has been blogging about student projects...
New Murals at Zamorano Greet 2011-12 School Year
Colorful murals will greet the 2011-12 students to Zamorano Fine Arts Academy as the fifth grade class of 2010-11 left a gift behind as they moved on to middle school. Read more...
Quilting at Zamorano
At the Zamorano Fine Arts Academy in South Bay, learning sometimes occurs in unusual ways...
Artissimo Rookie Visual Art Teacher of the Year
Congratulations to Don Masse for receiving the 2011-12 Artissimo Rookie Visual Art Teacher of the Year!
Zamorano Quilt in Print
An art project is featured in an art education magazine.