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Wegeforth's Community Reading Garden hits Cuyamaca's News
Hubbub around San Diego includes our little gem...
Mission 2 $ave
Can you believe your child can earn 5% interest on his or her own savings account?
Hot Weather Plan
What do we do when it's too hot to learn?
Wondering How You Can Help Your Child's Teacher?
We may have more ideas than you expected!
Wegeforth Partners with Lowe's for the Students and the Community
Thanks to the Cuyamaca College Ornamental Horticulture Department, we have a plan!
Wegeforth Gets Air Conditioning!
We only have one more hot spell to endure!
Courtesy San Diego 6 City's latest 'Play All Day' park is at Wegeforth
Wegeforth's joint-use park is now open during non-school hours.

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