Toler's GATE Program

Gate Program

At Toler, we are committed to meeting the unique educational needs of our GATE students through instruction designed to provide students with appropriate learning opportunities suited to his/her inpidual talents and abilities. Differentiated gifted instruction is an integral part of the school day rather than select times during the week. Here are some of the GATE differentiation strategies that are currently used at Toler:

Compacting: "In my math class, I shorten the amount of time needed to instruct various math concepts depending upon prior knowledge demonstrated during whole group instruction and follow-up formative observations. Rather than persevere or adhere to a set of lesson plans for all students, the lessons are compacted or tailored to suit the needs of our GATE/Seminar population. Students engage in structured math talks and construct their thinking around core mathematical ideas."

Complexity: "In my classroom of 4th and 5th grade students, my GATE/Seminar students, select a novel of their group choice for Literature Circle work. These discussions are in the form of collaborative conversations with students taking the lead through the book talk and discussions. Many of our students are reading well above grade level and and are instructed at that level."

Open Ended Activities: "My 5th graders just completed a research project, utilizing their iPads . The report was open ended to allow for additional research into any area of self interest encountered during their research. The students were required to do an oral presentation, once the report was completed. Students are combining production and distribution of writing with research to build and present knowledge."

All of Toler's Grade 3-5 classrooms are GATE Certified.

Check out these websites for more information on the gifted child:

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