Please Call For An Appointment (619) 209-4553

Para Una Cita Por Favor Hable Al 619-209-4553

Obtaining a Transcript

Elementary, middle and high school transcripts can be obtained from the school of attendance. The first 2 are provided at no cost. Additional copies can be purchased for $3 per transcript.

Please allow five (5) working days for processing requests.

When schools are not in session, please call 619-725-7211. 

Most requests for student information by individuals or organizations will not be honored without a written statement signed by a parent/guardian authorizing release. However, certain directory-type information may be released as described under “Release of Student Information.” In addition, the records listed on page 21 under “Student Records” will be automatically forwarded to any other district school in which the child enrolls and to schools outside the district when requests are received by a student’s new school of attendance.